Blessing From The Sea

Where the wind and the sea meet, a church rises from the sea.

Here, we can hear the wave and see the wind. When the wind is calm, the church is quiet, tranquil and peaceful. When the win roars, the fabrics strips dance wildly, flying madly, the church shows the dynamic of the wind.

This is the vitality endowed by nature, and it is also the blessing that nature bestows on people. It is telling people they life is just like this church, never a smooth sailing, it is ups and downs and ever changing.

Riding the wind and waves, the blessings of nature assemble in here.

From October to April of the following year, the powerful chinook wind (Lou Shan Feng) blows down from the mountains in Hengchun Peninsula, Pingtung. This installation art piece《Blessing From The Sea》by Chih-Kang Chu is to reveal the characteristic of Luo Shan Feng.


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